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Thread: blinkies

  1. blinkies

    sometimes in life i feel so smart and sometimes, well, i can't figure out where all the blinkies are.

    now that i have my first one up and running, i want more!! pointers? starters?

    am i the only blinkie and avatar challenged (oh, and scraplift challenged) person on the site?


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    OH, USA
    i am still avatar, blinkie, blog, and userCP challenged!

    but, you can find the blinkies on the blog

    you can right click, save to your pc, and then upload to a place like photobucket

    or you can simply right click, copy the image link properties, and then use that when adding a new blinkie to your siggie

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    I'm with you on the User CP and avatar challenged. Well, ok, blog and blinkies too, lol. I can get them to work one time, and the next they don't.

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    You can use most site and designer fan blinkies that you see in peoples signatures, too. Just add them to your photobucket in case the person you copied them from deletes the file. If you would like a tutorial on using blinkies and saving them to photobucket, there is one here ...

    Posting a blinkie in your signature

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