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    My name is Betty. I would like to learn more about the use of my olympus camera and my nikon-d40 camera. I don't know a lot about scrapbooking and i am willing to learn. So i just turn 50 and trying to do digital photoes better thanks to my friend. I really like taking photoes and seeing what happening with them. when you put them on background and change things and you see your final pictures.

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    Hello, Betty! You've picked a GREAT place to come to learn more and make friends! So glad you're here!

    We have some wonderful tutorials and classes that can help you, as well as daily downloads to help you build your scrapbooking stash.

    Welcome, welcome, and be sure and holler if you have any questions!

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    Hi Betty!

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    Hi Betty! Nice to meet you. Hopefully you have loads of fun mastering your digital photography. I've had my new digital camera for over a year and still learn new features and techniques every time I use it.

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    Hi Betty, and welcome to GDS. A super fun place to learn. Jump in and have fun.
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    Hi Betty!! Welcome to GDS. You are going to love it here.

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    Hi There Betty!
    I started out using Photoshop just to edit my photos and then found digi-scrapping and then fell in love. Scrapping and the digi-scrapping tutorials really helped me to learn Photoshop where I struggled with the photographers' tutorials on PS.

    Hope you enjoy looking around at our challenges -- you might enjoy the Photography and Techniques Challenges. If you love the look of texture on your photos, try playing around with the blending modes!

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    Hi Betty and Welcome to GDS! I started as an avid picture taker too! Don't let this hobby overwhelm you... just jump right in and I think you'll love it! Happpy 50th Birthday!!

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    Welcome, Betty. There are lots of great challenges here to do, and helpful people who make it easy for you. If you have particular questions to ask about your camera's capabilities, I'm sure someone here will be able to answer and help you learn more. The photography class I'm taking here is really helping me see some things I haven't thought about regarding taking photos, and forcing me to go through the manual (again?!?!) carefully to explore the possibilities. I recommend it!

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