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    Things I'd love to see EVERY designer do

    1) Use unique file names.
    :: My preference is name-kit name-whatever, but as long as it isn't paper1, paper2, leaf1, bow2, etc I'd be much happier.

    2) Add your copyright info to the metadata of the file (At least name and personal or commercial use).
    :: Assuming most designers use Photoshop, this info could quickly be added to each file (psd, jpg, png) in Bridge. Then the customer would know what TOU to go look at if there is a question. Plus if I place that element in a layout it automatically adds the copyright info to the metadata of the layout file.

    3) Include the preview in the download.
    :: I can't tell you how aggrivated I get when I go back to set my preferences on the folder and discover there is no preview file of the kit's content. I know there was one in the store when I bought the bloody kit so how come it didn't come with the kit?

    4) Have a ALL IN ONE DOWNLOAD link.
    :: Every customer should know what their computer is capable of. Most people have dsl or cable now. A all-in-one-download is considerably less frustrating for those of us with high end computers who don't like sitting at the computer forever downloading 2 files at a time and loosing track of which ones we've already downloaded.

    5) No blinkies and layouts about pirating and one Terms of Use file.
    :: When you add all the extra files up from each kit and each folder in that kit--it takes up a lot of space. Plus for those with lower download speeds it takes longer.

    I also hate nested folders. I get being organized, but it drives me insane when I get three different folders each containing maybe 4 files under the main folder. Just put them all in one folder (Although I do appreciate a seperate folder for the png files when you include the psd file of the complete layout).

    I'd love to see ALL designers do these things. It amazes me how many don't. Thanks for letting me vent after hours of unzipping my buys from NSD I needed to.
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