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    our modular is FINALLY in...

    after spending all weekend sitting in the pasture. I can't wait to get moved in and settled so I can open my new home to a digscrap weekend sometime!!!

    the move went off without a glitch. I'll have photos on my blog soon...too tired and foot screaming in pain to do it now so i'm off to lala land with some vicodin and ice packs.
    Liz Pike

    Blog updated Thursday October 19

  2. Yaaaay... Glad to hear it! Sweet dreams, hope that foot feels better soon :)

  3. Oh fabulous! You'll be so happy with your brand new home! Hope your foot is better wayyy soon!

    Spending time is inevitable.
    You're going to spend your time doing something.
    It might as well be something you want to do.
    ~ Peter McWilliams

  4. woohoo, congratulations on the modular getting there. Now I hope for a wonderful and safe move for you guys!
    ~The Name Behind Neverland Scraps~

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    Glad that's done!! Looking forward to the pics :)

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