Gem, I'm in PSE5, and to start, I have to select the layer where my frame is, then choose the magic wand and click. If you hit delete, it shouldn't make a difference in the picture at all. But then, you click on the layers under the frame, and (without using the wand again) simply hit delete and it will delete the exact same space as you chose with your wand the first time. Hope this helps! (I had troubles with that my very first exchange page I made on this site, too!! :) )

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I am working on this. I'm having a bit of trouble punching out the hole for the photo in PSE 3.0. I tried the magic wand after I had saved the page as a .jpg. But the wand selected some of the other white areas. I tried erasing, but that was very complicated because of the objects that are in front of the photo space I need to erase. Any hints? Heeeellllp!