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Thread: Clueless

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    Question Clueless

    Hi all

    I am a traditional scrapper and I have never even seen Digital scrapbooking. Where should I go to see it and see how they do it to start.



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    Right here is a great place to start! You can find tutorials & classes, there's freebies to help you build your stash, there are challenges to do that are great for learning new tricks & the people here are very friendly & helpful. If you need to know anything at all, someone here will know & if no one does, they will help you figure it out!!
    Take a look in the galleries to see the cool things you can do digitally that you cannot do the traditional way. I have perused ALOT of digital sites & this is BY FAR the best one out there!

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    Hi and welcome! You have come to the right place lol!
    If you need anything just holler and we'll be right here to help out.
    First thing you need to do it get a scrapbooking program. I use Photoshop CS3 and used to use Photoshop Elements 5. There should be a 30 day trial for them on Photoshop's web site. Gimp is a free one, but I've never used it so I'm not sure how it works. I'm sure there are a ton more and some of the other girls can chime in with those lol.
    Now I will say, I learned Elements on my own and I missed out on some really cool tools because I didn't know how to use them or what they did. We offer classes here at GDS and I have taken many of them myself. They are fantastic! So if you go a photoshop route you might want to check them out.
    I can't wait to see you jump in there and start creating!
    Be warned....It's addictive!! lol.

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    First off ..

    To get started, browse around the gallery and take a look at different peoples designs.

    There is a special forum just for new digital scrapbookers - Start with the 'sticky' threads in there, this will give you the info you need right away.

    And check out the links in the Beginner Resources area.

    Finally, please know that GDS is a wonderful, friendly community with digi scrappers of all ranges of ability. Never feel like a question is 'silly or stupid', as many of us have asked someone that very same question at some time, and many others may be wondering the very same thing as you. Please ask, because we want to help - we love having more people to hang out with here

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    Hi and welcome to GDs. Looks like you have already been given great advice. Jump in and have a ball. Once you start digi scrapping, you will never quit!

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