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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Cherry47 View Post
    I downloaded the safe one from your site, now how do I use it?

    First up, make sure you've downloaded the correct file. I recommend downloading from the release abrViewer.NET 2.0. This requires the .NET Framework 1.1, available from Microsoft's website.

    Someone has done a hack job of releasing a version for Vista users and others that have the .NET Framework 2 (again, this is available on the Microsoft website). For these people, you can download the file Release_NET20_2.0.rar from the abrViewer.rel.NET2_2.0 release. Note that you will not get the helpfile in that file, so grab it from the file in the release abrViewer.NET 2.0 if you want it.

    Once you've downloaded what you want...

    If you've downloaded the abrViewer.NET 2.0 release (.NET Framework 1.1)
    • unzip the zip file
    • double click setup.exe
    • the helpfile is installed automatically and is available from the help menu in the application

    If you've downloaded the abrViewer.rel.NET2_2.0 release (.NET Framework 2)
    • Un-rar the files. (With Winrar or similar)
    • Copy the new directory to your program files
    • Unzip the helpfile and copy to the directory above.
    • You'll have to manually create your shortcuts on the startbar
    • You will have to manually launch the helpfile, unless you're brave enough to tinker with your registry. Note: DO NOT PLAY WITH THE REGISTRY UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!
    • To properly install the helpfile, add a new registry key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\HTML Help with the name
      "abrViewer.chm" and a value pointing to the directory above.
    • For people who don't want to touch their registry - just double click the abrViewer.chm file to view its contents. Note: You help option on the help menu won't work.

    I will try to get around to creating a proper release for .NET 2 as soon as I can, but until then you'll have to put up with a bad install - Sorry. If anyone has any more questions, or needs more detailed instructions - specially with the .NET 2 install, please don't hesitate to ask.



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    Since I'm the one who started all this, I especially want to thank you, Anna, for your help, because this is a really nice program for us all to use. I'm very happy to learn where I can get a safe copy!


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  3. I got my from scourge... so mine is safe... but before I read the rest of these posts I ran in to DH Systems Admin guy for a BIG company... and said oh no don't be mad at me but I may have downloaded a virus... Mine was still in winrar file form... and he said it didn't have a "bug" in it...

    But I am glad I finished reading this... as I've had the compressed download for-eva' and I had never tried it... lol I have had it so long I still have the ver1.0... so I'm headed back to scourge to get the updated vers2.0...

    THANKS ANNA for helping work on such an awesome program. It was so cool when I tried it out... and once I really get back in to my scrapping after the holidays I can't wait to use it on all those brushes I have just sitting in a folder in my Digital Scrapping folder, lol.


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