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    i would like to add that after being involved on a certain forum or shopping a certain store you will soon learn to reconize a designers work even if they list a generic name file.

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    I use ACDSEE-but dont really use it to tag-I just keep things in folders according to stores-and I am now really reluctant to travel to stores I dont already frequent, because there are just too darn many of them and I seem to always fall for whatever I see and then come back to scrap challenges and forget that I even have that other stuff!!

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    What?!! You all go to different stores.. I'm shocked and appalled!!

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    ROTFLOL you mean you guys have not heard about my OCD Spreadsheet organizaion tool. I keep my files by what they are with titles DesignerName_Item Name then in my spreadsheet I have a sheet that is all my purchases group by store then what they are (Still have to do the hyperlinks from that sheet), I have a sheet for previews I insert the preview image then hyperlink to the kit on my hard drive. ( I have my previews grouped by color families.) I do still have a lot of catching up to do and it takes quite a while but I'm OCD like that and is really the easiest way for me to find things when I am scrapping. For speed scraps sometimes I just jump around in the folders taking things from here and there but regular layouts I like going in and looking at all my options color grouped vs all in a folder where they arrange by name and then have to go find the folder this way i can find my color and the click and there I am.

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    Ok-so less and less all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debra View Post
    What?!! You all go to different stores.. I'm shocked and appalled!!
    rofl- was just about to say the same thing!!!!

    Am no help with the organisation thing - I have all my kits named with designer name_kit name and listed alphabetically, so no store names in sight (except in TOUs) - I have been here at gds for that long that I know all of the designers who sell here - and I very very rarely buy from anywhere else cos I hardly have time to scrap with the things I get from here!!

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