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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi My name is Carol, I live in PA, I am married with 2 teenage daughters, They drive me nuts most of the time and I cant wait till they are human beings again! I have 2 golden retrievers, both pups. That I absolutely love to death, they actually miss me when I go away and sooo happy to see me.
    I have been looking at this site for a few days now, I just got back from a Fantasy Wedding in Disney. And I am ready to get started, I have loads of pictures to scrap. It looks like everyone one in here is very talented! I am very excited to start scrappin with all of you! I see you have many challenges in here and it sure does seem like a lots fun. I will be joining into something real soon! I just have to get organized a bit with my pictures. I am not new to digiscrapping but I am also not that old at it either, I started digiscrappin' in July and I am totally addicted to it, I can never go back to paper again, Ok I lied I do have tons of things to use, but for the time being they will have to be dust collectors! I am anxious to get to know everyone in here!

  2. Hi Carol! Great to meet you and have you join us here at GDS! I hear ya on the teenager' fun!... LOL...NOT! I have 4 kids (26)S, (23)S, (18)D, and (5)D so I can relate.

    Glad your getting out to come play with us! Looking forward to seeing you around...

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    Hey Carol, Welcome! I know you will like it here. I have only been digi scrapping for a few months, but I have learned so much since coming here. I think you will find everyone is so nice. The chats are really a fun time. I look forward to seeing all your new LOs. Teenagers eventually grow up. My son did and became a really great young man. I wondered for a while though!

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    Welcome to GDS, Carol! You are right, this community is full of talented ladies that love to have fun!

    I have a couple of teens hanging around my house, too, as well as some that did eventually rejoin the human race, LOL. My kiddo's are 5, 13, 15, 23, 18, & 36.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know you and seeing some of your talent in the gallery!

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    Hi Carol - welcome to gds - looking forward to seeing all of your layouts :)

    I have 3 girls aged 10, 9 and 6 - gonna have hormones running wild round my house in a couple of years,. although to be honest, it seems like they are already!!

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    Thanks for the warm welcome!!! There is soooo much things to do in here I am not sure where I want to start! This place looks like soooo much fun!
    I am almost done unpacking everything from my trip, so pretty soon I will start doing my LOs.! Again, thanks ya'll !!! I look forward to getting to know all the nice and creative peeps in here!

    PS I LOVE ALL THESE SMILEYS! They are soooooo adorable!

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    Welcome Carol!! You are going to love it here!

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  8. Welcome Carol you will enjoy yourself here loads to do and what a family there is here..we have two older rugrats..oops i mean boys...oops sorry again treasures..LOL..and did anyone say when they GROW up???hahah but they do fill our lives with sunshine each day and no matter where or what they do they are and always will be our treasures..:-)..settle back with ya cuppa and join in..I know what you mean about digscrapping being addictive..I would be soooooo lost if could not do any for even a few days...but then suppose hubby would be..LOl...HUGGLES from OZ:-)
    *SMILE* always as it cost's you nothing and your GUARANTEED of one in return:-)My house may not be a Palace but tis a HOME, take care n have a wonderful day.

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    Hi Fellow Pennsylvanian,
    I saw your layouts in the gallery and they look great. I look forward to seeing some more. You really take some great pictures.

  10. Welcome to the site - there is a lot to do here - with real friendly members and admin staff.

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