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Thread: Page sizes

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    Jun 2008
    Just wanted to update that I received my photo book from Shutterfly and am so happy with it! I'm never going to print out another layout from home again! There's no comparison in the quality I get from them versus my photo printer--and it's much cheaper and is so SMALL compared to the amount of albums I would have needed for my layouts printed from home.

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    1 TB hard drives run aroung $100 so I don't consider storage space to be a problem.

    I always keep the PSD file. Can't count the number of times I'll want to go back and change something later.

    The only time I make a JPG file is if I'm going to upload it somewhere. Then I reduce the size and save for web, upload the file then delete the JPG. I can't stand the compression and loss of detail in the JPG file format so I rarely use that type of file.

    I do make a second Tiff file of the page and load it into a folder I have set as my screen saver.

    I usually keep two backup copies of my photos, my pages, and the zip files of things I've purchased. One on an external I try to keep off site and one on another computer in my network. Usually about every ten days I bring one of the other computers in and hook a firewire to mine to backup up the files (much faster transfer by fire wire then by the N router). I rotate which computer gets the latest transfer so that there are multiple copies, minus a week or two on one of the other computers. And I don't reformat the camera card until I've done the backup. Cards are real cheap now so I usually don't run out unless we go on a mini vacation and then I make sure to do a backup before I leave.

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    I am a dedicated 8.5 by 11 page person. I like the size of the page, it fits nicely on my shelves and it is easy to find frames to display pages (document frames are 8.5 by 11). I also can just take regular albums and put in page protectors to store my pages.

    My plan has always been to make photo books with my pages for my daughter -- one book a year. I made a couple of drop and drag photo books early on and they are so nice and small compared to my scrapbook albums.

    Now, I am very intersted in OMAAT's new products b/c it would be nice to not have to resize everything . ..

    I will have to sit down and burn my PSD files to disc -- that is a really good idea.

    Thanks for a good topic and discussion.


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    Laura, do you start with an 8.5 x 11 or do you resize? Which copy do you resize? I save as a psd, a jpeg, then resize for the web to a 600 x600. I'm not tech savy enough to figure out which one to resize. I don't want to delete anything. It worries me.

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    I start with 8.5 by 11. I too hate to delete anything so I have psd files and then a jpeg at maximum (for printing purposes) and a jpeg at medium for web sharing purposes. I think you could resize any of them -- resizing the psd file would be the most flexible and save the most space, IMHO


    wife, mother of 2 children and three cats

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