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Thread: Page sizes

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    Page sizes

    Way back when I first started digi-scrapping, Debra gave me directions for saving my los. I save a psd, a jpeg, then I resize and save a web-ready. All my los are 12x12. I'm thinking of switching to 8x10 just for storage/display purposes. How do I save for that size? What is the dpi? Is there any way to save what I already have in a different size? So many questions that are technical in nature that I have no clue about. Any advice is appreciated.

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    I'm going to answer two ways, because I'm not sure if you're referring to computer disk storage or physical storage (printed pages).

    Computer storage:
    Are you keeping all your psd files? Some people may disagree with me, but when I like my final page, after I've checked it to see if it's okay, I delete the psd file. They're always huge files, eating up way too much memory. the way i see it, when I paper scrapbook, once I'm done with a page, I'm done. If you're really hesitant about deleting all your psd files, at least put them on dvds to clear up some space. Another option, instead of 8 x 10, that uses less memory would be 8 x 8 if you prefer a perfect square to work on.

    Physical Storage:
    For the past year, I'd been resizing all my pages to 8 x 8 so that I could print them from home. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive once you take the ink and paper into account. Then I decided to try Shutterfly, which lets you upload your own digital pages and make them into a hardbound book of up to 100 pages. I just ordered a book with around 85 of my layouts in it. It would have taken me several large, bulky scrapbooks to house all these layouts. Now, I'll have them in a hardbound coffee table style book, which will take up 1/10 of the space. I haven't received mine yet, but should be getting it in the next couple of days and will let you know how it came out.

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    Thanks for the response. Both answers are very useful. Space does seem to be an issue both on my hard drive and in my house!!

  4. Anna, to answer your other question...NO. LOL if you have created 12X12's you can print them in any smaller size square format-8X8, 6X6, 4X4, 1X1-WHATEVER as long as they are square.
    I have a new line of products coming out next month that will help you to take a square layout and shrink to fit an 8X10 or 8.5 X11 size page without redoing it all.
    Best of luck!
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    Thanks to both of you for responding to Anna's question. I also was interested in knowing how to do this. I can use all the advice I can get as a newbie!

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    I have been doing 12x12 and just switched to 8x8. I like the looks of them and they do take up less space !

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    I scrap 12x12 since most digi kits are designed that way. Once I am done, I resize to 8x8, save my .jpg file, create a web size version for uploading to galleries and then I save the .psd file in the new size. Every month or so, I burn my layouts to DVD to free up space on my hard drive.

    Since I dont print things right away, I keep the .psd files so when I go back and print I can easily adjust to what ever format I decide -- photobooks are what I usually print (and I have tried several online places to do this, and they all have different guidelines)

    As much as I proof read, I often find I have typos in my pages once I upload to a gallery. that's the other reason I keep the .psd's for a while.

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    I always do my lo's in 8x8 so I can print them myself. I like Liz's idea of doing the lo in 12x12 and then resizing when done. That sure would make it easier, especially on those speed scraps, lol.
    I just solved my hard drive problems. My DH bought me a 1TB external HD. Good ole wally world has them on rollback for $119. Gotta love that store, and isn't it great I am helping out the economy, lol.

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    Hi Anna,

    I also always keep my LO's, both PSD, JPG and Save for Web. But I keep them on an external HD. I also use Mozy to back up my computer and HD. I once had my PC crash and lost a bunch of pictures and LO's now having an automatic back-up is a blessing and I really don't have to worry about space.


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    I've had a small photo book printed (not scrapbook pages, but pictures and a story), and I love how well it turned out. I used Blurb, but there are any number of places that will do the same thing. So far I prefer the 12x12 prints, but I did do an 8x8 album for my mom, printing the LOs at home (plain paper), then consulting with her and changing some, adding some, and finally had the ones I wanted printed by Costco on photo paper. It helped me work out some problems I had with keeping track of all the layouts for the book, etc.

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