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Thread: omg

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    EVERY folder on my desktop has disappeared :(

    So I lost the entire kit from the scavenger hunt yesterday.......and every other kit i had

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    Wow, Kaela......I hope you can find them somewhere on your computer!! I don't know how to help. Good Luck.

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    oh no :( I don;t know how to help either - am presuming you have checked your recylce bin

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    Lost folders

    Hi Kaela that has happens to me more than I would like to admit.
    The way I have found lost files in the past was to do a search of any
    or all of the works I saved them under. (If I can remember what name I saved them under) Lol.
    Then I let my computer run the search for about 10 minutes and if I am lucky, I am able to retrieve the file or page kit.

    I sure hope You find them, after you hunted so hard to find them yesterday.


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  5. Gosh, I am so sorry. What has happened exactly? Did you install a program before this happened? Did Explorer stop responding? Maybe I can help...

    Also, you could try restoring your computer to an earlier time. See if you have a date to restore when you had those files on the desktop.

    But first, try the searching....

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    I had installed Window Washers last night but I've used it before

    But I went to reboot today because running psp and a couple other thens had me moving slower then a turtle. So I started the Restart and took Raja outside...When I came back my pc was booted up and all the files gone

    So I can not do system restore on my doesn't work for some reason.
    I did let it search 4 forevers tho and found nothing.

    I did download a free recvery proggie and got all of them back BUT
    only a few them would open.

    I got back the one file and it opened I really wanted. Which was my phone numbers

    now I do have to re set up my scripts and thier folders

    and I psp all my CILM, AMI, Stickerchick licenses need to be done (licensed art if you dont know what I am talking about lol) Sorry don't know who does n who doesn't know about licensed art from those 3 companies

    anyways they only take me an hour or so.

    Bleh still aggravating as hell

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    I did find I think all 9 kits form the hunt yesterday I am fixing to open then up and see if they work and all that

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