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    Angel Mercy signing in

    I thought it would be nice to start a new thread for Angel Mercy, so we all have a chance to welcome her!

    Quote Originally Posted by Angel Mercy View Post
    Hello , My on line name is Angel Mercy, I am New, and eager to get Started. I haven't done a lot o Scrapping, except for my Love......Desktops, I make them for myself and my Family. As I am Now Retired I have more Free PC Time and will be signing in Frequently To check thing out.. Especially the Tutorial Things.

    Just ask if you need help with .... yeah, just

    Carola aka okekeca

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    Welcome, Angel Mercy! Make yourself at home, and I can't wait to see your pages in the gallery!

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    Apr 2007
    Florida panhandle
    Welcome to GDS! You'll love it here!

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    Hi There and Welcome to GDS! Congratulations on your retirement! What fun to have the time to really enjoy all the fun things in life now... warning though.. digi-scrapping is very addictive!

    So nice to meet you!

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    Aug 2007
    Welcome!! Beware....Digi-scrapping is VERY addictive!
    mom to Emily (India-11), Melody (China-9) & Steven (China-4)
    Waiting for Clarens (Haiti-2)

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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Hello, and welcome to GDS!

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    Aug 2008
    Northern Louisiana
    Hello & welcome to GDS. Congrats on the retirement. I look forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery.

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    Welcome! If you do desktops (not Windows) you're already there! Can you tell I'm a Mac person??

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    Hi There!
    Hope you have a great time delving into digi-scrapping!
    Tutorials are a great place to start and I have tried lots and lots of tutorials.
    some of them I just couldnt get, but the fun thing about digi-scrapping is there are plenty of different ways to get the same effect
    So if one tut gets you stumped, just look for another one on the same topic, or come back to it later.

    and dont forget to have fun!

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    Mar 2009
    Parsonsburg Maryand USA

    Smile Thank You All!!

    Ladies I am Awed,
    The first reply's I have ever gotten when I joined and Introduced myself to other Scrapbooking Sites and this is the Most Awesome One!! You are all Wonderful ! and if DH doesn't get Sick again and Live-in Son stays off my PC I will be here every Day!! ( my fault with my son... I created a pc hog when I showed him how to use the PC) LOL. Thank You again., Itching to do more... But I must Make Easter Gifts( graphic artist that I am... ) for my On Line Womens Group. I am Taking New Members, If you are Interested Let me Know in Private Message.. I will give you the Info.

    Angel Mercy!!

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