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Thread: Softball kits

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    Softball kits

    Hi. I don't know who to ask or where to go and I am always checking out the site, so I come to you wondering-where can I get a softball kit. Any ideas? I have a MAC so Scrapbook Max is out. That came up a lot when I googled softball kits. I only want downloadable products. All help so appreciated!

    Thank you


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    Hi Phyllis

    Welcome to GDS!
    I dont scrap on a MAC, so I wouldn't even know where to look

    I haven't seen any softball kits in the store, but there is a thread here where you can put in requests to designers here at GDS.

    You never know, they might have something in the works or your idea might give them some inspiration.

  3. I have a kit with baseball ish stuff coming out mid month. It's all pretty neutral so you should be able to make it work! ;)
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    Some soccer kits/elements/papers would be great too!

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