at 50 I just got my 1st computer(held out for a laptop). Sick and have had to pretty much give up needlework and quilting because I'm so tired. I go down to my daughter's in Justin a lot to see my grandkids. I have free time but trying to do needlework..keeping hands clean enough and getting set-up all the time has been too much trouble. Digital scrapping seems to be the perfect answer!! Problem though is I'm so new to digi world that I don't know where to start. In the beginners section here I linked onto Wacom and looked like the tablet might make it a liitle easier...I can put my laptop over on the table (away from little hands) and use tablet in my lap?? I have bluetooth. If I buy the tablet it comes with PSE3 and Corel they say "valuable software onDVD" so I'm assuming that they're workable?? Is Photoshop Elements 3 too hard for someone who basically only knows how to turn on the computer,search the web and get e-mails? Even if I buy this bundle and get easier software like FxFoto? My printer was a freebie..Cannon PIXMA ip4300 photo printer. I need a scanner, I want one that will do the best quality but even if it's a bit inconvenient I can take it to my Uncle's and scan our family's pictures a lot of which are 8x10's. I have Picsa2 pre-installed in my computer but have heard good things about Acdsee...looks like it may be easier. I haven't put any pctures on my computer yet I've been putting them on CDs every time my memory stik gets full. I've spent weeks looking at every website trying to figure out how to get started. I'm sofrustrated that if it wasn't so important to me to make my pictures memories instead of trash because no one knows who they are when I'm gone. I don't know how to do "plain" so I know I'll need shadows, embell....journaling that curves or wraps around...etc.. I know I'm asking a lot of everyone!! Is PSE3 okay to start with? Should I take that one I get and upgrade to make things easier?
Thanks in advance for any answers or where to turn to's!! Linda: