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    Hey Joy, I've just installed the font thing. I'd love to get a hold of your tut. if you find it. Thanks bunches.

    Quote Originally Posted by twirlyjoy View Post
    I never install all of the fonts that I have on my computer - having them all installed can really slow your programme down a lot!

    So, instead, I have them all saved in a folder on my computer and then I use a programme called the Font Thing available here. You can use the programme to view uninstalled as well as installed fonts and see how your text will look in the different fonts, then just install the ones you want to use temporarily, so they will be available to use in your programme until you restart your computer. It also enables you to organise the fonts you have into different sections such as handwritten or whatever sections you want.

    I really is an amazing programme and FREE!!!!!. A while back, I wrote a tutorial for using it - if you decide to go ahead and try it, give me a yell, and I will try to find the tut.

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    I'm sure one font I particularly like from Microsoft Word doesn't appear in Photoshop Elements. I'm sure I have plenty of choices without it and shouldn't worry about it. Thank you for answering . Nancy

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    Joy, I downloaded the font thing too....if you find the tutorial...can you send me one too? thanks

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    Joy, you talked me into downloading the font thing too, so a Tut would be wonderful if you find it. thanks.

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    I learned this the hard way a few years ago, I crashed my computer as I had so many fonts installed. It is recommended not to go over 500 fonts in your windows fonts folder.
    I have been using the font thing since and found it to be a great program BUT also keep in mind it takes awhile for fonts to load if they are all in one folder.
    I have over 10,000 fonts on my computer (at last count) so keeping them organized was impairative (sp?)
    I really do need to weed out the ones I never use but I have all of the CK fonts, everyone by two peas and many other "pay" fonts. I am truely a font addict.

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