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    Installling fonts

    I'm a Newbie,and I can't figure out how to use the fonts I've downloaded from the internet in my Photoshop Elements program. They're sitting in a folder on my desktop like my papers, embellishments,etc. When I click on them they open, but I can't actually use them with Photoshop Elements. Would be grateful for any help anyone can offer. thank you, Nancy Holland -

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    Welcome to GDS!
    I love fonts and I have collected many to play around with.
    How you install fonts depends on your operating system -- not your scrapping program. I have Vista and like you I keep a folder in my digi supplies folder titled Fonts.
    I open two folders, the folder where I have my fonts (make sure to unzip them) and the folder in Windows that is "fonts" (should be something like C:/windows/fonts)
    I copy all the new fonts I have snagged, and then drag them over to the "fonts" folder and paste them.

    Once you do that, you should be able to see your new fonts in Elements, Word, Outlook/email.

    Hope this helps

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    Wow! what a fast response. Thankyou so much. i will try to follow your directions. Forgot to say I'm computer illiterate too. I invested in a printer for 12 x 12 and PSE 7 so I'm determined to learn. Hope you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks again, Nancy

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    I never install all of the fonts that I have on my computer - having them all installed can really slow your programme down a lot!

    So, instead, I have them all saved in a folder on my computer and then I use a programme called the Font Thing available here. You can use the programme to view uninstalled as well as installed fonts and see how your text will look in the different fonts, then just install the ones you want to use temporarily, so they will be available to use in your programme until you restart your computer. It also enables you to organise the fonts you have into different sections such as handwritten or whatever sections you want.

    I really is an amazing programme and FREE!!!!!. A while back, I wrote a tutorial for using it - if you decide to go ahead and try it, give me a yell, and I will try to find the tut.

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    That is a great tip Joy! I also do not install everything. I have a few favorites I always have available and others I only open as needed. Before I knew that fonts can slow down your program I had my entired stash installed, and well my PS kept crashing, a lot. Once I removed the fonts I dont use much, I had no problems (I would crash a lot when I was adding or editing text on my page)

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    Thank you for warning me about installing too many fonts. I was planning to install them all if i could figure out how to do it. I down loaded "Font thing" I couldn't find c:/windows:fonts. I have Vista too.

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    Font thing

    I know I'm hopeless. When i opened "Font Thing" there are 6 different set up shortcuts. Am I supposed to open them all. I'm always afraid of doing something wrong and messing up the computer

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    font thing

    Just reread your letter. I'd love to see the tutorail on Font Thing. Nancy

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    Is it possible to pull some of the fonts that come with Microsoft Vista
    word Processing into Photoshop
    elements? Nancy

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    all the default fonts that are on your computer should be showing up in Elements and any other word processing program you use (like word)

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