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    Well here I am;Still don't know what in the heck I 'm doing.Just started digital sb.Haven't done the first layout yet.New Mexico is where I call home now.lived in Mississippi for 20+ years.Ms. Hurricane Katrina sent us packing. Please tell me what I'm supposed to do now.By the way there is no Daily Download today. thanks,it's good to be here!? JayBug

  2. Hi, Jaybug! Welcome! It's wonderful to have you here! The daily downloads are usually posted in the afternoon/early evening, so it should be along any time now :-)!

    First question....what program are you using? PSE, PS, PSP, gimp, etc???? Once you have a program, you aquire products, either through the daily downloads or in the store (there are LOTS of fantastic great sales going on right now!) There is also a section of the forum called Designer Giveaways, and you can check that out. Once you get to that point, you're ready to go!

    There are lots of challenges in the forum to get you started, and get the creative juices flowing....... holler if you have any more questions, and get ready to become an addict!!!

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    Welcome to GDS Jaybug. This is one great site you have found, and as Jenn stated, get ready to become addicted. Sorry hurricane Katrina sent you packing. What a change - Mississippi to New Mexico Wow. That is like a culture shock! I lived in NM for 4 years while DH was in the AF. Looking forward to seeing your lo's in the gallery.

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    Welcome to GDS Jaybug. I'm sorry Katrina forced you to leave your home. I live in northern Louisiana so was not personally affected but know how devastating it was to our state and to our neighbor Mississippi. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I don't know what program you are using but there are some tutorials on the site and you can check out the classes that are offered as well. There are lots of challenges offered every month, too, that really help get you going. I look forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery.

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    Hello JayBug!
    There is some tutorials and advice for beginners in scrapbooking.
    Have a look here - Beginner Resources

    As I dont know what program you use I give you the link to our Tutorials
    where you also can download free 30 days trials for both Photoshop and PaintshopPro. There is also a FREE program GIMP if you dont have any program yet and dont want to pay for any.

    The best way to learn is by doing - jump on the train in our challenges!!!


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    welcome to GDS, glad to have you here. Carola, I love your little cup :)

    I create for Shelly's Art
    check out my blog

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    Welcome to GDS

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