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    How to fit a photo into an element in CS3???

    Hi girls!

    I'm trying to make a photobook for my mom's b-day with LO's of Elli (surprise surprise ). At the moment I'm working on a LO where there is an open book in it. And I want to put a previously done LO in that book so that it looks like the LO really is in the book.

    Here is a LO I did ( and DH doing the Lo fitting the page) so that you can see what I mean if my explanation is not very coherent. Look at the bottom right corner to see the book with the LO.

    I'm using CS3 and i've tried all kinds of ways to get it on there but it just seems impossible. PLEASE, can someone help me!?!?!?! I would be ever grateful! ( DH did find a way to do it in the Illustrator and then bringing it to CS3 but I would prefer doing everything in the same program and now flicking between many.)


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    I am not sure if what you are having trouble with is the perspective?

    To do that you select the item you want -- I just use Ctrl + T
    Then you want to be on the corners of the bounding box, hold down Ctrl, and you can move the corners around. It takes a bit getting used to, but you can see the angle as you move the corners.

    Hope this helps
    The layout is gorgeous and what detail !

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    Thanks Liz! You are a sweetie! I'll try it out and see how it goes! Glad you like the LO!

    Thanks once again! HUGS!

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    gorgeous LO.

    I create for Shelly's Art
    check out my blog

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    This is gorgeous Ina as is. But hope LIz's suggestion worked to get the perspective you want.

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    I have to agree. This is beautiful but I have no idea how to help you. Just thought I'd comment on your lo.

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    Great layout. I see what you mean on perspective but just looking at the over all layout you really don't notice it. Beautiful work.

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    Toi LO on niiiiiiin mahtava!!!!!
    I hope you were able to get the perspective ( I guess it was what you had in mind) right in PSCS3. I have that program too, but have to admit I am totally helpless if I had to give someone any advice on it. I use PSP9 - will stick to it for sure.
    Nice to see you around!!!


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    Beautiful LO. I really like all the sweet details and of course your darling daughter.

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