Hi girls!

I'm trying to make a photobook for my mom's b-day with LO's of Elli (surprise surprise ). At the moment I'm working on a LO where there is an open book in it. And I want to put a previously done LO in that book so that it looks like the LO really is in the book.

Here is a LO I did ( and DH doing the Lo fitting the page) so that you can see what I mean if my explanation is not very coherent. Look at the bottom right corner to see the book with the LO.

I'm using CS3 and i've tried all kinds of ways to get it on there but it just seems impossible. PLEASE, can someone help me!?!?!?! I would be ever grateful! ( DH did find a way to do it in the Illustrator and then bringing it to CS3 but I would prefer doing everything in the same program and now flicking between many.)