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  1. Funny I feel like a oldtimmer and this is just my 3rd SS :)

  2. It doesn't take long to become completely entranced, does it, LOL!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TheMommason View Post
    Funny I feel like a oldtimmer and this is just my 3rd SS :)

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    Hey I usually don't get to do thid on Thurs nights cause I'm workign but I'm out sick today. So why not Speed Scrap. May be a bit slow, though.

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    I'm here!

  5. Hi Gals! Glad you could join us!

    Amy, have you found us yet?

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    Alright, no fair switching forum threads, cause you missed this:

    ......and hello Gwen, Liz, Cathy, Lori, stater...............tryin' to learn names.....can ya tell..............I'm in a SILLY MOOD tonite!!!!

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    That was an interesting step

  8. LOL! YEAH! AMy's here!

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    haha! I found you (aka Karen) This is my first and already making me think! I'm gonna need more coffee...

  10. LOL she did that on purpose to throw you off. VBG

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