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    my EHD is dead...I think. LOL

    It turns on, but my computer doesn't seem to recognize it. I've tried turning off the EHD for a few minutes; then a few days; turning off the computer; trying to force the computer to see it, all to no avail. LUCKILY, this is the EHD with all my "free" stuff on it (my other one has the "purchased" items) so I'm not pulling out my hair, but I am still wanting the stuff!! And NO, I never backed it up. What's killing me, is that for the last several months, I've thought about signing up with Mozy, but never actually did it. ugh! I'm signing up now!!! my EHD really dead? Can I hire a pro to get the stuff back? And where would I find said pro? Any help is appreciated!
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    ~~Julie P.~~

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