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Thread: Anyone out there from Australia

  1. Rebecca - don't know if I will be at the chat, will have to work out the times, but I usually don't have spare time during the day which is when it will probably be :(

    Kelly - Hi!! Wow, so you are an expert at digiscrapping! I am now going to use all my paper scrapping stuff for making cards etc.
    Michael (5)
    Samantha (4)
    Adam (1)

  2. Hi! Another Aussie checking in here. I am in Toowoomba. Have been digiscrapping for 2 and a half years, but rarely post in scrapbooking forums because I always forget to credit where I have bought kits from and don't feel up to the quality here.

    But, I am taking the leap and having a play!!

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    Adelaide here .. but a forum friend of ozchicki

  4. Adelaidian here

    Hello there, I hail from Adelaide - lived in SA forever (except a brief stint in Perth Jul 06 - Mar 07) and not moving anywhere! Havent come accross many (Not any actually) digiscrappers from SA.
    Newish to digiscrapping - came accross it a couple of months ago when I was searching on internet looking for ways to edit and improve my photos, and paperscrapping started about 6 months ago
    I have 4 kids - sons aged 32, 18, 16.5, and 1 daughter 13, and two wonderful grandies aged 4, and 9mo (both boys)
    Nice to meet you all

  5. oops- except Shavari ... musnt have scrolled to the bottom of the page - sorry and hello fellow adelaidian

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    heya Chris .. nice to see another Adelaide-ian I tought I was the only one

    four kids .. WOW .. how on earth do you stay sane .. I have 2 .. both girls. . one is 16, the other is 3. Yes, large gap .. insanity moments Im sure

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    I can't believe it ! Not only a lot of Aussies, but some from SA. I hail from the Mid North and I dont think I have ever found another scrapper from Adelaide :)

    I have only been digi-scrapping for a little while but am loving it ! I just don't have enough time to spend on creating that I would like.

    I have five children, four girls 25, 24, 21, and 19yrs and 1 boy, 12 yrs. I love Tassie and it is our dream to move there after Nicholas finishes school.

    cheers, Caroline

  8. Great to find so many Aussies! Chris, one of my fav designers, is from Adelaide too.

    My blogs:

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    Hi Caroline .. what do you call mid-north? I used to come from the eyre peninsula (Cleve) but often travelled throughout SA for work .. Ive been as far north as Coober Pedy .. not that I would choose to live there though

  10. Shavari - I come from Pt Lincoln! have heaps of family there but live in southern Adel now. A-mazing!

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