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    Rebecca - don't know if I will be at the chat, will have to work out the times, but I usually don't have spare time during the day which is when it will probably be :(

    Kelly - Hi!! Wow, so you are an expert at digiscrapping! I am now going to use all my paper scrapping stuff for making cards etc.
    Michael (5)
    Samantha (4)
    Adam (1)

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    Hi! Another Aussie checking in here. I am in Toowoomba. Have been digiscrapping for 2 and a half years, but rarely post in scrapbooking forums because I always forget to credit where I have bought kits from and don't feel up to the quality here.

    But, I am taking the leap and having a play!!

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    Adelaide here .. but a forum friend of ozchicki

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    Adelaidian here

    Hello there, I hail from Adelaide - lived in SA forever (except a brief stint in Perth Jul 06 - Mar 07) and not moving anywhere! Havent come accross many (Not any actually) digiscrappers from SA.
    Newish to digiscrapping - came accross it a couple of months ago when I was searching on internet looking for ways to edit and improve my photos, and paperscrapping started about 6 months ago
    I have 4 kids - sons aged 32, 18, 16.5, and 1 daughter 13, and two wonderful grandies aged 4, and 9mo (both boys)
    Nice to meet you all

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    oops- except Shavari ... musnt have scrolled to the bottom of the page - sorry and hello fellow adelaidian

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    heya Chris .. nice to see another Adelaide-ian I tought I was the only one

    four kids .. WOW .. how on earth do you stay sane .. I have 2 .. both girls. . one is 16, the other is 3. Yes, large gap .. insanity moments Im sure

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    Feb 2008
    Country, New South Wales
    I can't believe it ! Not only a lot of Aussies, but some from SA. I hail from the Mid North and I dont think I have ever found another scrapper from Adelaide :)

    I have only been digi-scrapping for a little while but am loving it ! I just don't have enough time to spend on creating that I would like.

    I have five children, four girls 25, 24, 21, and 19yrs and 1 boy, 12 yrs. I love Tassie and it is our dream to move there after Nicholas finishes school.

    cheers, Caroline

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    Great to find so many Aussies! Chris, one of my fav designers, is from Adelaide too.

    My blogs:

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    Hi Caroline .. what do you call mid-north? I used to come from the eyre peninsula (Cleve) but often travelled throughout SA for work .. Ive been as far north as Coober Pedy .. not that I would choose to live there though

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    Shavari - I come from Pt Lincoln! have heaps of family there but live in southern Adel now. A-mazing!

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