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    Nov 2008
    Cincinnati, OH

    It's time to Speed Scrap! Right here, right now!!!

    Are you here, girls?? Ready to get started??

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    I hope so... let's see what you have in store for us...

  3. Ready!

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    I'm here!


  5. all ready... I think :) we'll have to see if Jake will stay in bed tonight.
    Snag me ---->

  6. woot woot!

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    I'm here!!

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    I'm ready

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    Nov 2008
    Cincinnati, OH
    Good evening girls! Welcome to tonight's speed scrap! So glad to have you all here! Are you all as ready for the weekend as I am? It is time to relax and have some fun!

    Just to warn you, we will be using some glitter tonight! It doesn't have to be much, but if you don't have any on hand, you can go to today's Daily Download right now and get my "Cora's Glitter Sheets" for free!! If you
    already have the "Cora's Best Friend" kit, they coordinate with it!

    Speaking of that kit - it is on sale through tomorrow so if you were thinking of getting it, now is the time! And if you happen to use that kit tonight for the Speed Scrap - there will be an extra surprise bonus for you! The LO I
    did for this Speed Scrap was done using only this kit and it's coordinating alpha and glitter!

    OK, enough of that - now on to the rules....yuck! Just in case someone here is new and doesn't know how this is done! I will give you 1 prompt/suggestion every 10 minutes for 1 hour. Just do your best, if you don't have something I suggest, just find something similar, this is supposed to be fun, not stressful, ok?? Anyway, at the end of the hour I will give you my last prompt and then you will have 1 hour to complete your LO and post it to the gallery - I will give you the link at the end. As long as you get your LO posted by the right time, you will get my participation prize I posted, So Round 01 Paper Templates! Plus, 1 of you will get $5.00 to spend at my store! Woo hoo! And as I mentioned, if you use my Cora's Best Friend kit, you will get an extra surprise bonus from me! Are you ready? Any questions, just ask, k?

    Here we go!
    1. Find 1 picture for your LO - easy right?

  10. Did everyone switch over from the other thread? I'm ready!!!

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