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Thread: Herbs?

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    One of my passions used to be my herb garden. I miss it dearly and hope to have another in the future. In the meantime, something with rosemary, thyme, sprigs of lavendar. With the coming of spring, I can't wait to get my hands on these in real life again, and it would be fun to use them in scrapbooking, too. Elegant sprigs of lavendar would make great page dividers.... <g>

    Thanks for your consideration!


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    OH, USA
    That sounds wonderful
    I am not sure if you have seen Helen's kits, Lavender Fields and Lavender Fields Add-On -- there is some great lavender in there and lots of other great garden themed elements. The kits are jam packed

    You can find them here

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    I pour and pour through the files in the store and I don't know how I miss these great kits! Yes - that fits the bill. I LOVE that package. Thanks for pointing me to them!!

    Maybe she'll do me a parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme add-on LOL


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    Those all sound right up Helen's alley for creativity for sure.

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