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    Let's talk about Time Zone

    Hi, everyone

    I decided to post here so we can get the right time mainly for the activities of our forum. so, you just need to post what time is it now where you are and them compare it to the time that appears in the forum, if you set the time zone correct for you, you can compare it and discover time zone difference.

    Here in São Paulo - Brazil it's 10:00am.

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    I'm in Denmark, and the time is now 13.20. I guess that's 1:20 pm. :)
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    Good Morning Dani... It's 8:20 am est here in Maryland in the US

    Just an FYI for everyone too.. at the top of the forum in the "Resources" (to the right of the store) drop down menu there is a World Clock
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    Good morning, it is 5:26 am in Las Vegas, NV.

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    It is currently 6:35 AM in Utah.

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    It is 8:45 a.m. here in Ohio
    and it is raining

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    I didn't realized I was so many hours ahead from you...

    I like to know in Denmark you use 24hs also... here in Brasil we use 13:00 to 23:00 also... no AM or PM....

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    Aug 2008
    Ontario Canada
    Well - Eastern Standard Time here - also GMT -5.

    So it is 09:11 and you know that that means - Scrubbie's drinkin' coffee and LOVING IT! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

    *snicker snicker
    Yep - guys scrap too. Cheers!

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    Jan 2007
    NE Ohio
    Hope you are enjoying your coffee, Scrubbie!! I've already had my first Pepsi of the day to help me keep up with the rugrats.

    It is 9:19 am EST here in cold, windy, rainy NE Ohio (not far from Liz!). Much improved over the rain/sleet/snow/slush ball mix that we had yesterday! That is also GMT -5 and 0919 hrs.

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    Great idea!

    It's now 16:54 in South Africa, and I'm still unwinding after my day's work! We're in the GMT +2 time zone.

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