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    My ankle still giving me lots of problems. I was lying in my bed with my foot jacked up in the air while you guys were doing the speed scrap!

    Please keep your fingers crossed that I won't end up having to have reconstructive surgery. The possibility has been raised by my physiotherapist. She says that I'm doing better, but I just don't see it. Remember the pictures I took for the speed scrap when I had injured my ankle? Well I took new pictures last night. It looks WORSE than it did before.

    But I miss the comraderie of this event. I didn't think that an ankle injury would keep me away even from digiscrapping.
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  2. Awww.. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this ankle problem.. I sure hope it heals up and you don't have to have that surgery. Hugs!

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    Ditto!!! I hope surgery won't be needed. I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way.

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    You bet, I hope you heal soon too, surgery is no fun! Sending prayers your way!
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    Here's the most recent picture, sorry it's so big.

    This a before picture:

    For what it's worth, the swelling has gone down in my leg, and foot it just doesn't seem to be going down in my ankle.

    What is so hard for me is that my active lifestyle has come to a complete halt. I need the endorphins to help me feel happy. So I'm a bit depressed, and feeling sorry for myself. And I feel like such a jerk for feeling that way.
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    Janick, that looks, sorry to sound so negative, but it looks very painful!!! Positive, positive, positive!!!

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    It's not that painful actually. My leg just feels extremely full and ankylosed in the evenings. The evenings are really tough. The swelling goes down during the night so I feel great in the mornings.

    But anyways, thanks for commiserating with me. My family is quite tired of hearing me complain LOL

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    I'm sorry you are feeling down, Janick. I am sending lots of prayers, hugs, and warm wishes your way :) I missed you last nite and wondered where you were.

    I know what it is like to have an active life come to a screeching halt, but try to have faith, keep posting here with "the GDS family", ok?? This place always makes me SMILE

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    Amy, this is a great community!!!

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