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    Quote Originally Posted by crops2dawn View Post
    WOW this is really cool, I added my pin, but for the life of me I dont know how to add a comment or a picture, anyone care to share the info, I know I can be such an airhead sometimes, so sorry! But I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

    Try this, since you've already added your pin, go to the "photo" tab along the top of the page - look for your name , and i believe you can add photo or comment there!

    I just checked in on the map and counted 26 of us already on the map!! Cool! Maybe more will join us?

  2. this is very cool....I added myself on there.......

    Say Hello if'n ya wanna.....userID PattyN

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    Thumbs up

    I hope we can keep this thread in the front so more people will see it and sign in on the map.

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    Looks like you found the thread, babydoe, and looks like Holly made this a sticky!! Hope more members put themselves on the map!

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    I added myself too!! Pretty neat site!!

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    We need LOTS MORE people to put themselves on the map!!!

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    I put myself on the map too!!!


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    Feb 2007
    Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
    Wow, there are a lot of people in the Eastern US, but not many in the west!


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    Anyone in the Western part of the map? Go ahead--sign in on the map.

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    Oct 2006
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Can't find a decent pic, but I'm added.

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