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  1. Can anybody tell me how to add my picture here?

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    This is very cool!!

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    Sep 2009
    holland, close to amsterdam
    i tried to add myself... cant upload a photo
    very cool to look at all the pins!!!!

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    This is very cool! I've added myself

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    Mar 2008
    Western, PA
    Very very cool... I added my little dot, can't wait to see everyone!

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    I just went to the site to add my pin to Utah, and this is what it said...
    "Starting January 1, 2010, Frappr's "Classic" Guest Map will finally go into retirement."
    "For a mere $24.99 we will keep your Classic Guest Map up and running for one full year, through Dec 31, 2010."
    Oh well.

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    Sounds like fun! I'll head over there now!

  8. I had to change my city.Done
    Life is pain,highness~The Dred Pirate Roberts

  9. Question You sure this is still working?

    I tried the link and all I got was this:

    Here's a map of Portugal where you can see Lisbon

    Because it's a Google map, if you click the picture it will open on the dynamic map, and if you keep clicking in Lisbon you'll end up coming close enough to see Palmela as well :-)

    Best I can do!


    P.S. Before you ask, the country next to mine is Spain, and they're both in Europe lol
    I Make Art, therefore I Am.

  10. What a cool idea! Off to see the world... :)

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