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    Good idea! I'm running over there as I'm typing this..

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    i've added myself! and i discovered that i'm the nearest to this topic's creator, yin! she's in singapore and i'm in malaysia(neighbouring country)! hi, yin!!

  3. I added myself too!!! I am the only one from my country! It is cool to see where everyone is from :)

    Hugs, Amanda

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    I'm in

    Another Texas gal added to the map.

    Hook Em Horns!

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    OK, I pinned myself...ouch...LOL! Cool to see where we are!

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    I on the map from the Great Lakes State, how fun!

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    How fun! I've added my pin too

  8. That was totally fun-and I am the only one in Nevada!!

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    I just added myself to the map. Only one in Austin!!!

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    GDS World Map

    I'm in.. and I added my mug and pin. I love this
    To see the good things in life and people you have to look for them. They're usually not too hard to see if your eyes and mind are open.

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