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    Ok, you guys make it look too fun!

    Thought I'd better try! Woohoo! Clickable too

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    woohooo... you did it! Congrats!

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    Wow ladies, this is pretty awesome. I always forget to do things like this when I post a picture, will need to keep it in mind.

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    ... crossing my fingers

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    trying a thumbnail

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneMemory View Post
    Anna, when looking at the picture, right click on it and go to properties. Then copy the image location.
    In the post go to add photo (the little mountain box) and paste that image location there, then it will show up.
    You can then link it by highlighting that information and using the link button (world with link icon) and then pasting the actual regular URL (the address bar URL in your browser) in that space.
    Hope that helps!
    Ok - it was this one that did it for me. Thank you SO much for those directions!!


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