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    Albums & Page Protectors - Where to buy?

    Can anyone suggest online places to buy 12x12 3-ring albums and 6-up 4x6 page protectors? It's time to start putting prints into albums!


    p.s. Are post-bound page protectors compatible with 3 ring albums? Or are they sized differently?
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    Same question. I have many scrapbook albums bought at a local store and I'm sure that the 12 x 12s will fit but they are difficult to organize and work with. 3 ring ones that open and close easily would be nice.

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    I don't know about where to find three-ring albums. I've never used three-ring because when I saw people's albums that had them, the weight of the pages tugged down creating too much pressure on those tiny plastic circles. The pages were falling out all over the place.

    That said, I know that Hobby Lobby is running 50% off scrapbook albums and page protectors this week. Maybe you could find some there.

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    Huh, might be six of one, half-dozen of another then. Post-bound screws never hold together for me and pages fall out. But I can see where they might offer more support than 3-ring.

    Thanks for the lead on Hobby Lobby but it doesn't look like they sell online.

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    I tend to use post bound albums when I print pages or do paper scrapping -- but I like smaller 8x8
    I have gotten albums at many stores, but I was in Joanne Fabrics yesterday and all the scrap/photo albums are 40% off. They had a wide variety -- post bound and 3 rings. They also had a wide range of 4x6 albums to choose from.

    I have found that if you fill the post bound too much, then there are issues and the pages snag and you cant easily turn, or add/remove pages without having lots of effort. I have bought the post extenders, and that gives some extra room. But, I found out the hard way that not all extenders fit the same albums.

    I think the same thing with page protectors. There is variation across brands. I bought a ring album thinking I could put the great buy of page protectors I found, and the holes were slightly off. I then thought I could easily punch the holes and get away with it since it was just for dd to have and flip through. But that idea was a disaster. I still have the page protectors and no album to put them in. One day I will just buy some of the rings from the office supply store and make covers, but I am in no rush.

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    Found some.

    I have found some 3-ring books at They have a lot of cool stuff there. They have many albums by Making Memories and other brands.

    I have a couple of 3-ring from Westrim Crafts, I think, but they do tend to pull at the holes. I only use these to put larger memorabilia and 8x10 portraits in sleeves in chronological order for later scrapping.

    For my paper scrapping, I have always used Creative Memories for my albums, pages, and protectors. They are the only ones I will use (other than ones I have gotten for the kids.) I know they are expensive, but they REALLY expand to fit my pages, they were the ones I learned how to use (strap-hinge) I bought a bunch when a friend was going out of business!!

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