I'm fairly new to the site, so maybe this will be another easy question with a point in the right direction, but I was wondering if there is a package of stitches out there. I tried looking through the shop and didn't find anything heavy on the stitching.

I've worked my way through the directions of two speed scraps now (love them) and both required stitching. I managed to find some, but the kits I've purchased so far seem to be light on the stitching options (I figure most people out there already have quite a collection of stitches and I'm just late to join the ball game).

One of the participants had a stitched heart shape that I loved. Man, that one would be fun to have!! lol So I was wondering, with all the applications for some stitching, would a designer consider putting together some stitches in different shapes. I found one that came from a freebie New Year's package that I used in this page:

I love how it turned out.

Since stitching is used in so many things, it would be nice to have a commercial license option for the package, also. Am I the only one who would love to have one folder to go to for all my stitching needs? :) Maybe it's just the quilter in me....