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Thread: Atomic Cupcake Actions

  1. I love Atomic Cupcake stuff. I am a proud member of the Atomic club. LOL. Anyway, anyone know where I can snag some Photoshop styles? I got a tip from a gal at DST but those styles wouldn't load for some reason.

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    To avoid joining Atomic Cupcakes for no reason........ do they charge (on top of your joining fee) for downloading the actions? Or does the joining fee cover the actions you download as well?
    Phoenix aka Melissa - SAHM of Shania (13) and Jordan (10)

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    Deb said it's just a monthly fee and you can download as much as you want during that month.
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    oh awesome... then im gonna go join
    Phoenix aka Melissa - SAHM of Shania (13) and Jordan (10)

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    Quote Originally Posted by IlaMarie View Post
    LOL - group teaches paint shop pro from the ground up:~)
    Ok, here's my site:
    This explains why your username seemed so familiar. I have been a member of your yahoo group, although not active for quite some time now. Fantastic group for learning & for getting out of a creative slump.

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    :) I raided these sites a week ago. :) Now I have found an whole new way to be lazy. Not to mention ive finally figured out what the whole action thing is about. I felt so silly. I knew though that PS could do much more than I was learning. Ill get it all a bit at an time.

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    I doubt anyone can know everything about PS anyway - it is so comprehensive. And if you ever did figure it all out, they post a new upgrade and you had more stuff to learn! LOL


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    So True Jennifer, I think they do that on purpose too!! Drives me crazy... especially that they change function keys... I'm a creature of habit and have a hard time with all the changes :(

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    LOL! supose I should just give in now . :)

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    Cool links, guys, I know I have some in my bookmarks, I will have to make post them tomorrow

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