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  1. Sticky: Well I guess I'm signing up to this at a good...

    Well I guess I'm signing up to this at a good time, I have a total of 23 posts as of right now. I took a course here several months ago but am coming back to learn more and to participate in some of...
  2. Course done & I learned a lot! - Thank you!

    I just finished the course lessons and just wanted to thank you. The material was easy to understand and I was able to follow everything. There were a few differences with CS6 but they were minor. I...
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    Lesson 3c "Variations.." NA on Mac 64bit

    I googled to confirm. The "Variations" command is not available on the 64bit Mac OS.
  4. Thread: Lessons

    by pixiesteps

    Lesson 2b Style Information

    The style I used for Lesson 2b's homework assignment is a free one from called Rusty Metal (Photoshop Layer Style N.19).

    The link to my homework page where I used it is...
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    Saving files for upload

    I figure it doesn't really matter at this point but I was wondering if what I'm doing is OK: When saving the files for uploading to the gallery I am using "Save for Web.." all the time and making...
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    Hi from Ottawa Canada. My name is Patricia. I am...

    Hi from Ottawa Canada. My name is Patricia. I am using - or at least trying to use - PS6 on an iMac (I just upgraded from PS5 which I bought a few months ago). I've been scanning photographs and...
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