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09-05-2007, 11:40 PM
Ok, I know this is a bad time with the birthday bash and all and you have way better things to do on our site BUT..........I need advice!

I believe we are about a week away from our first kitty litter in our house. We have two cats that are sisters (actually not completely sure of that because they look totally different) and they fight all the time. So I know I need to separate them as it gets closer for safety sake.

But here's my question to you....any hints on what to expect, things that might happen, how to guide the mother-to-be to a specific place to have them (if I can even do that), etc.???

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me :wink:!

09-06-2007, 12:54 AM
We have 2 female cats who have had a few litters between them, and believe me, you will know when they are on their way! Both of our cats followed me around everywhere for the couple of hours b4 they gave birth. One kitten was even born in the flower bed because Mum was following me round, and i was gardening! The other one gave birth to one litter on my bed whilst I was asleep in it!!!

I suggest you get a nice big box and put it where you will want the kittens to be kept after they are born. If you move the box afterwards, Mum will probably move them right back! I suggest that it is also somewhere where there isn't a direct door (or cat flap) to outside nearby cos once they start walking around, you don't want any escapees! Encourage her to go in the box starting from now - put lots of newspaper in the bottom, and a soft fleecy kind of blanket. Cats are awesome and will clean up as much as she possibly can herself as soon as she is done! (Not sure there are many women who say they did that!!!)

ummmh, trying to think of anything else, but can't right now! Will add another post if I think of something!

09-06-2007, 04:44 AM
In all my years of being a kitty owner, I've only had one litter--and that momma cat didn't care where I wanted her to litter. She was going to pick her own spot--which happened to be on my upholstered couch. Luckily, she didn't argue with me when I moved her in the middle of the ordeal to the bottom of an unused closet.

I had two other cats at the time, and neither of them bothered her or the kittens. She had her space; they had theirs. The biggest trauma for me was having to give the kittens away when they were weaned.

09-06-2007, 04:49 PM
I rescue felines so having litters is not new to me. One thing to keep in mind is as mentioned no matter where you want mom to have or keep the kitties it will ultimately be up to her where they are safe. I truly suggest, if you can afford it, a large steel dog crate of if you know someone who owns one see if you can borrow one. I keep all my litters in the crate and mom will let you know when she wants in or out. This also deters the curious bystanders from potentially harming the new babies which can and does happen. I keep them crated for at least 4 weeks or until I"m sure they can get around well and the other cat(s) will not harm them.

Mom often will become very territorial anyone nearing the babies she may get quite upset as well as any other pets, keeping them secured is the best bet.

If securing the babies is not an option then be sure to opt for a room you can shut the door on and allow her privacy. I find that blocking and and all entrance to the underside of bed is pretty imporant, especially when you have one that weighs as much as ours, they tend to like to hide their babies.

A large basket or box with old blankets will make a perfect bed. Place food and water up high if possible for mom if crating her, if not place it simply outside the box and not in the box where the unsuspecting babies may crawl into it helpless.

Good luck!