View Full Version : Celebration day for us today!!!!!!!

04-18-2013, 06:35 AM
Hi everyone.....sorry if I am not around much this week.
With the end of tax season and getting all the office files packed up, I have been super busy.
Today however, is a wonderful day for our family!
Today is Adoption day for Noah! He officially becomes a legal part of our family! WooHoo!!!!!!!! *woot:vb_chirolp_iei::gogo:

Not too excited or anything! LOL.

Now heading off to the court house and then to celebrate with the family!:wink:

Els AW
04-18-2013, 06:55 AM
Congratulations! Make it a special day! :balloons:

Bright Eyes
04-18-2013, 07:16 AM
So happy for you and the family!! :balloons:

04-18-2013, 09:32 AM
Such a special day for your family. Enjoy every minute.

04-18-2013, 01:24 PM
Congrats Cathy! Enjoy!:party1:

Art for Scrapbooking
04-18-2013, 04:41 PM
Congrats that is fantastic. What a wonderful gift and I am sure you will bring as much joy to his life as he will to yours.

04-18-2013, 11:54 PM
Wonderful news! I know it's a long process but lovely to have it end with this celebration.

04-19-2013, 07:12 AM
Thanks everyone, it was a wonderful day till the end.

We had very heavy rains here in the midwest yesterday, and our area was very hard hit with 5.56" of rain. (Yes, all in 1 day!)

Our house is fine, but we came home to find 6" of standing water in my daughters basement. Of course, where her furnace, hot water heater and washer/dryer are. Luckily a great friend came to the rescue and helped to get the water out of the basement. Need a new sump pump, but looks like the others are OK. Will find out today when they get in to do more inspections.

What an end to the day!

Els AW
04-19-2013, 08:19 AM
:eek1 OMG... that was terrible to come home at!
Hope the damage is small, but the mess you have of it...!!:no:

Darlene Currie
04-19-2013, 08:37 AM
Cathy - I'm so glad you got to at least celebrate the best part of the day. How exciting that Noah is an official part of the family now. He couldn't ask for a better one!

I turned the news on before I go to work in the morning and I usually watch Kelly and Michael live from your eastern Chicago feed and they'd interrupted the show to show all that was going on. That's truly amazing how much fell in such a great amount of time. The pictures were totally traumatic looking. And sinkholes as well! We're prone to heavy rainfall here too and it can cause SO much damage. I'm so sorry to hear of your daughter's woes. And I'm so glad no one was hurt. I hate to say this, but when I was younger, a friend of mine's family had a flood in their house and their father went downstairs and got electrocuted when he went to wade through the water. I'll always remember that, and when it comes to water, I'm very leery around electricity. It is so nice to hear that their are still good samaritans out there that are willing to help. We're seeing too much of the other way in the news these days.

Glad to hear you're just about winding up your busy season - me too. See you in the Forums!

:vb_chirolp_iei::vb_chirolp_iei::vb_chirolp_iei::v b_chirolp_iei:

05-02-2013, 05:52 PM
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