View Full Version : Pse Users... Shadow Trick I found!

04-07-2007, 02:52 PM
Maybe I'm the only one...lol... but I have always put drop shadows on last thing because once they were there... even if I took them all the way down to 0, they were there unless I did the "undo". That naturally meant that I couldn't delete the shadow once I got too far into other steps of creating my layout...

Well... Just found that if I right click on the "f" in the layer a drop down menu comes up and one of the choices is "clear layer style"... Yaaaay!!!

Just thought I'd share :):wink:

04-07-2007, 02:58 PM
Cool... I will try to remember that if I ever get around to teaching myself how to use drop shadows!!!! LOL

04-07-2007, 03:06 PM
THANKS!!! I have been doing the same thing! i thought i had to wait until the end, or go all the way back in undo history. that is great!

04-08-2007, 01:08 PM
Thank you for the tip! :biggrin:

04-08-2007, 06:30 PM
Wow - can't wait to try it out - great tip! thank you! :balloons:

04-10-2007, 09:04 AM
Yes, I remember when I first discovered the option to remove layer styles. Like you, Debra, I had been going backwards in the history window. Then, thank God, someone on the photoshop elements techniques forum asked if there was an easier way & my eyes were opened to "the miracle of removing styles" :wink: The moral of the story? Don't hesitate to ask because you think your question is unimportant. ~Nita

04-10-2007, 09:11 AM
Great idea, thanks!!

04-10-2007, 11:13 AM
Oooh, ooh, ooh! I just tried it out on a layout, and discovered that I can also change the direction of the shadows! I'd always wanted to be able to do that but thought you only could in PS!!!! Hooray! :giggle:

04-14-2007, 03:56 AM
Extremely useful -Just bumping it up

09-06-2007, 08:54 PM
Another way in PSE to clear a layer style is to drag the layer style icon to the trashcan just like deleting a layer. The layer style icon in PSE 4 looks like a F and in PSE 5 it looks like a sun.

09-06-2007, 09:27 PM
Funny, you should bump this because I was just looking at doing pse shadows tonight. Thankfully I caught BabyofMine, well, first it was Phil, on hello and she walked me through it...still have to learn how to adjust the settings a bit.

09-06-2007, 10:21 PM
Not sure what bumping up means...sorry! I've fooled around with adjusting the drop shadows and then copying the modified drop shadow to other layers on my page but it's just too time consuming. Now I use a drop shadow action It makes it look a whole lot more realistic.

09-06-2007, 10:27 PM
Bumping up means getting or keeping a thread up towards the top. I had found this thread and was about to ask questions here when I found Julie/babyofmine on hello.
I will check that out.
But I used shadows for the first time - I just hope I didn't overkill.

Mag Henrey
09-06-2007, 11:02 PM
thanks Debra - very handy hint. :wink:

09-07-2007, 04:58 PM
That's amazing- Thanks for sharing

09-09-2007, 06:16 PM
Oh my gosh, Patty, THANK YOU for posting this tip!! The first one didn't help me - it must be for version 5.0 only - but I just tried your way and it WORKED! I'm so excited!